“LIFE WITH DUBISTHENAME” Season 2 is finally here!!!!


When I released the first episode of my podcast, I thought I will not get this far and to behold after releasing the pilot of my podcast on the 30th of January and releasing 24 more episodes after that, season one of the podcast has come to an end and just on October 27th I released the first episode for the brand new season of the podcast, there have been some tough times where I couldn’t upload frequently or I missed the upload date but I tried to keep up with it and made sure that I was consistent with it and kept uploading and upgrading my sound and production, because the recording, editing, releasing and marketing is all done by me and just me alone, I do not have a co-host, I wish I did but unfortunately I do not know anyone who would have been down to collaborate with me on this and I know for a fact that I do not have the full resources to manage a two-person podcast.

This is for those of you who are hearing about me or my podcast for the first time, hello there my name is Owen but call me Dubisthename and I do many different things in the social media industry to making youtube videos(well I used to), making music(Listen right here ON SPOTIFY), making and producing a podcast called “LIFE WITH DUBISTHENAME” which you just read about, I regularly stream games on twitch(called Dubisthename) and I am also a full-time student, so with all that juggling around I try to make sure that everything is well managed and well organized, I try my best to make sure that I am sticking to my schedule and my activities are well aligned because it’s not everyone who can do something like this especially with school and living my normal life, but everything seems to be working well right now and I hope very soon in the future I get to be a huge influential Artist/Podcaster/Gamer. Anyways back to the main topic of this introduction, which is the meaning and use of my podcast, my podcast “LIFE WITH DUBISTHENAME” was mainly created to talk about my life and things happening around me but that didn’t seem to work out not until Episode 7 of my podcast I decided to come up with a brand new theme for my podcast which was to review and rate brand new hip-hop/rap songs that have just been released and that seemed to work out well when I tested it out on Episode 8 of my podcast which was called “What’s Wrong with Tjay’s New Album| Ep 8” then after that I found out that I was enjoying the new theme of the podcast because it gave me a chance to listen to music every single time, new and old, songs I like and songs that I was getting to like, everything you can think of.

Right now the main genre of music that I am mainly focused on and talk about is Hip-hop/rap obviously but I am hoping to change genre or listen to different types of genre and not just rap, but I am listening to what I am comfortable with right now. If you ever decide to listen to the podcast and would love me to review a song you like or you are an artist who is looking for attention just send the information here “Song Submission” and I will try my best to include it on an episode.

My podcast is still brand new and still, in the making, I know there is still a lot to upgrade to like for example get a studio that's is mainly for podcast audio recording and maybe video recording soon another example is brand new equipment especially high-end equipment that will provide crisp and very clear audio, there is still a lot to do in the industry to get noticed, and things that I need to set to make my podcast financially stable to be able to pay for those high-end equipment and recording studio, but I will get there eventually because I just started like 10 months ago and when that times come of me being the top podcaster around the globe I know that I will be ready for anything and I will be able to entertain anyone and introduce them to new music every time.

P.S I release brand new episodes for my podcast every Saturday on many different platforms “CLICK HERE FOR THE PLATFORMS” and make sure to stay tuned for the next episode of the brand new season, and follow me on my socials to be notified of a new episode too because you do not want to miss that :)




Welcome everyone, my name is Owen and I write stories regularly, about music, something random but hope you stick around.

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Owen imudia

Owen imudia

Welcome everyone, my name is Owen and I write stories regularly, about music, something random but hope you stick around.

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