“MY GOALS” Dropped

Wow, where should I even start because I have been waiting for the song to drop for over a month or two now. I did the recording and everything especially the recording last year, like December 2019, because I have to search for the beat and pay for all that and I also bought a new microphone for Christmas that time so I waited for the microphone to arrive so that took another month, the recording and editing process took place January and I also placed the track to be delivered to stores that same month thanks to Amuse, I also gave a one month gap for the track to be released and I didn't know that my song was going to come out the same day that 24kgoldn, Lil Nas x, Rod wave dropped something like that Is a big coincidence and I am truly grateful for that.

So if you haven't listened to it already Click the link below and choose any platforms you want and listen and follow also. MY GOALS



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