Rap Albums from Underground artist in the month of February

Owen imudia
4 min readMar 2, 2022

Monthly album rating and recommendations.

February was a really slow month, sure a couple of albums were released by well-known artists and rappers but in the underground world most people (probably you) didn't know these two artists dropped their long-awaited album and I got to hear it more than two or three times and right now I am telling you this, so you would have the same opportunity to listen to these albums. and the details and rating given to the album is within my own personal decision and my personal opinion (want to make that clear to people who get offended by it)

“LOST IN LUV”- Trrigggaa

First off most of you won't know “Trrigggaa” I doubt if anyone knows him as an artist, but if you do that is very cool and I respect you for that. The “LOST IN LUV album was released on February 11, 2022, and it consists of seven tracks it comes with just one feature which is from I believe his brother or a close friend of his “Flowstrr and all the track on the album was written by “Trrigggaa” himself.

To be honest out of the 7 tracks on the album I like 4 tracks out of the whole album the others arent that bad but these four tracks “L U V M E (intro), Off & gnarly, Ghost(Ft Flowstrr), Scars” are the best out of all of them. Trrigggaa has been doing a good job releasing tracks upon tracks and they are good but something that should be focused on more is quality over quantity. The whole album is a 6/10 for me but I would still recommend you to go listen to it right now.

“My Own Worst Enemy(MOW3)”- DC The Don

The next and last album for this month will be “My Own Worst Enemy” by DC The Don himself and it consists of twenty-two tracks with just a feature from “jetsonmade” and each track on the album was written by Daijon Davis (which is DC The Don) and it was produced by Trademark, Jug, jetsonmade, Jasper, maajins and many more. This is the second studio album released by DC The Don after his Debut album (From Spotify) called “Come As You Are” accompanied with the deluxe. The album has a lot of tracks let me get that off my chest lol, normally I see albums with 12–15 tracks on the album but this album surprised me with 22 tracks on the album and I haven't really had the time to carefully listen to the whole album from top to bottom but the individual tracks that were released before the album like “Arrest Me” and “PSA” are my absolute favourite from the album currently. The album kind of gives off a rockstar, an alternative type of style/genre, you can literally take note of that with the numerous rock-type beat used on the album.

Honestly, I haven't “Listened” to the album so I can't tell you what my rating or my full-on opinion on the album but what I can tell you is that if you want to listen to like a different type of genre, maybe with a few rap bars in it, I highly recommend listening to this new album by DC The Don, maybe after listening to the album you might like him and listen to his other songs.

Well that was the last album on the list but not the last album that was released by an underground rapper in the month of February, that’s why I want to start this new thing of showcasing albums released by underground rappers released each month, but if you a podcast listener or you want more in-depth talk about a certain song or songs released by other artists/rapper you can go check out my podcast “LIFE WITH DUBISTHENAME” and hear me talk about a different type of song in each episode and also go follow me on Instagram @Dubisthename Hope to see you all next month for brand new albums from an underground artist or Unappreciated rappers.

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