Rap Albums from Underground artist in the month of January (Monthly album rating and recommendations.)

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7 min readFeb 19, 2022

Of course, we all were celebrating and having fun times with our family or partners during Christmas and the new year, while these lists of rappers were making plans, recording music and making any final touches to their album and with the new year, we got to listen to their albums, buy their albums and possibly share their albums to friends or just people around you and some of the albums listed you probably haven’t heard of it or maybe even heard of the Artist, but I’m here to help and change that for you, with my personal rating and my personal opinion (want to make that clear to people who get offended by it)


Let’s start off with an underground and most underrated rapper currently who released his Second Studio album “From A Bird’s Eye Viewon January 14th, 2022 it consists of 14 tracks and it comes with features from “Gunna, Lil Wayne, H.E.R, Lil Durk, Eminem, Stevie Wonder and Freddie Gibbs” and was also written by Cordae Dunston, Andre Goodwin, Mathew Samuels and many more. Not all the tracks on the album are full-on rap, or full-on hip hop, for example, Track #10 “Chronicles” ft Lil Durk & H.E.R has somewhat of a slow R&B and soul’s vibe but still a mix of Hip/hop from the Lil Durk Feature and some lyrics from Cordae himself. The album is a very good album and for someone with not much of a big exposure like Lil baby, Drake or whoever, he has done well on the album, did his part of the album and let the other artist do their part because he picked the best and right artist for each song not just throwing in a bunch of random artists into the tracks. In my opinion, my favourite song out of the whole tracks on the album was “Shiloh’s Intro” which did not feature any of Cordae’s Vocals but I believe it’s one of his brother’s freestyle that he made through a phone in prison. I have no absolute reason why this track beats the other track but something about it just feels natural and pure and good.

So for the reccommendation part, I absolutely reccommend this album to any hip hop fan or someone who wants something different because Cordae is different from every other artist, not a 100% different but something about him is unique, because the album is 8/10 (I have never given anything a 10/10) so go on and listen to the whole album from top to bottom no skips needed.

“On To Better Things” — Iann Dior

The next album we have on the list is going to be “on to better things” by Iann Dior which was released January 21st,2022 and it consists of 15 tracks with features from “Lil Uzi Vert, Travis Barker, and Machine Gun Kelly” and it was written by Brian Lee, Michael Olmo, Kelvin Gruft, Dan Wilson and many more. It was also produced by Nick Mira, Evan Gartner, Brian Lee and many more. This is also the third studio album from Iann Dior after the last album he made in 2020 “I’m Gone”. If you know you are a fan of Iann Dior you would know that he write and record Sad emotional type of songs and as the name of the album you would kind of get a little taste and knowledge of the whole album, I can’t lie I am an Iann Dior fan myself and love his music to death because I actually relate to some of his songs and lyrics that he has released, especially the song “Is it you” is actually one of my favourites from the album, mostly because of how the vibe, flow, and especially the beat switched so smoothly and clean(I am a BIG fan of beat switches) and yea that song became my favourite in an instance.

And of course after all the postive things I have talked about the album and not much of a negative discussion on it, I would still reccommend you to listen to the album, and I would rate it like a 7.5/10 out of respect, and last but not least, make sure to listen to the album from top to the bottom, no skips allowed and no shuffle allowed, so go on and listen to the album and tell me what you think of it.

Pink is better — Token

The next album we have is “Pink Is Betterrecorded and released by “Token” which was released January 14th, 2022 and it consists of 18 tracks with features from “Rico Nasty, Benny the Butcher, JID, Digital Nas, SAINT LYOR, Lil Skies and YKD Jah” and it was written by Benjamin Goldberg, Danny Majic, Jake Troth, Maria Kelly and many more. It was produced by Brian “Nox” Eisner, Mathias Tyner, Jon Glass, Ronny J and many others. This is his third album released in his entire career (from what I know of). He has an Eminem type of rap because most of his song he raps so fast on it, (I don’t believe it’s the same speed as Eminem’s but it’s something close) and his songs are good, not something you can be like overhyped about but it’s just something you can listen to that’s different.

I would still recommend you to listen to the album if you just want to introduce your ears to new sounds, voices and flows because Token can be the person for the job. I would rate the whole album a 6.5/10 because, to be honest, I listened to the album literally only two times and the only songs I really like from the album is “High Heels(ft Rico Nasty)” and “Boom(Ft JID)” the others were alright but not a “HIT” but definitely a good album from him, so go on and listen to it right now.


The next album we have on the list is going to be “WITH OR WITHOUT YOU” by Dro Kenji which was released January 28th, 2022 and it comes with 15 different tracks with features from “Highway, Scorey and Internet Money” and it was written by Danny Jerome Jenrette, Michael Romito, Danny Lee Snodgrass and many more, it was produced by Nick Mira, Taz Taylor, Nash, Census and many more. This is the fifth studio album that he has released in his career (from Spotify). To be honest, I have never heard of Dro Kenji before, I heard of him when he dropped one of his tracks from his album before dropping the actual album, which is “FINDERS KEEPERS(Ft Scorey & Internet Money)” and I am a fan of Scorey and saw the notification from Spotify listened to the song and said “This is actually good, not my main style of music but fire” (it’s not really my main style of music because he makes like a different Melodic type of rap).

But now we here talking about the whole album which is good by the way, maybe even more than good, but I can’t finalize my opinion just yet because I haven’t really listened to the album, I usually just scrim through it and vibe to some specific songs, but I would definitely recommend you to listen to the album and I would rate the album a 7/10, so go on and go listen to the whole album, some skips in the album but go listen and tell me what you think.

Well that was the last album on the list but not the last album that was released by an underground rapper in the month of January, that’s why I want to start this new thing of showcasing albums released by underground rappers released each month, but if you a podcast listener or you want more in-depth talk about a certain song or songs released by other artists/rapper you can go check out my podcast “LIFE WITH DUBISTHENAME” and hear me talk about different type of songs in each episode and also go follow me on Instagram @Dubisthename Hope to see you all next month for brand new albums from underground artist or Unappreciated rappers.

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