Rap Albums from Underground artists in June

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Monthly album rating and recommendations.

First off the search for these albums was a little complicated, because usually, I can find albums from some of the underground artists, but this month was somewhat tricky for me. Although I still managed to find albums released by underground rappers in the month of June. For the first time, we have an album fully recorded by a female artist, who is known as Erica Banks. Make sure to read last month’s selections Rap Albums from Underground artists in May”. The details and rating given to the album are within my own decision and my personal opinion (I want to clarify that to people who get offended by it).

GONZO- Bolsen

The first album we have on the list is going to be “GONZO” by a Canadian artist known as Bolsen. It was released on June 24, 2022. It consists of seven tracks. It comes with just one feature from Y2K. It was written by Ari Starace, Chris LaRocca, Corben Nikk Bowen, Adrian Allahverdi and many more. It was also produced by Kysiko, Bodi, Zack Djurich, Herag Sanbalian and many more. I discovered Bolsen from Tiktok if I am being honest. It was a normal day scrolling through tiktok and surprisingly I saw one of his tiktok videos, I really liked the song “LEVELS” and was like “Yea I need to listen to this on Spotify right now” but it wasn't on Spotify and I did not know when the song was getting released on Spotify. A few weeks go by and I was listening to the “New Joints” playlist on Spotify and to my surprise, the same song got released, I did not even listen before adding the song to a favourite playlist and I kept the song on repeat for the whole day. And now I am talking about his latest album.

The tracks on the album are very good and very well produced, the vocals are properly mixed and mastered because his style is a mix of Travis Scott style and somewhat Kanye West style. I like all the songs on the album but three out of the seven songs are my absolute favourite. I will rate this album a 8 out of 10 and would strongly recommend the album to anyone, same as always for anyone who is looking for something somewhat different.

Strawberry Moon — Raury

The next album we have is going to be “Strawberry Moon” by Raury. It was released on June 14, 2022. It consists of ten tracks with no features. It was written by Raury Tullis, which is the artist himself. The producer tags are not provided on Spotify (where I get some information). From his Spotify Page, I can say that Raury is a known rapper, Undeground but he Is for sure on the come up and with his versatile hip hop music and lyrics. In all honesty, I found out about the artist and his album through the Audiomack app and was like yeah I can add this to the list (this is so because It was hard finding albums for the month of June).

The album is a good album and is more on the melodic/ RNB side of hip-hop which I am not really a fan of but Raury has made a very good album, which I would rate a 7 out of 10 and recommend you all to go listen to it and tell me what you think about it.

Dairy of The Flow Queen — Erica Banks

The third album on the list is going to be the first female underground artist we have featured on the blog which is going to be “Dairy of The Flow Queen” by Erica banks. It was released on June 17, 2022. It consists of 13 tracks, with features from Bankroll Freddie, Dreamdoll, and Beatking. It is written by Ryan Ogren, Alyssa Cantu, Erica Breaux, Jeremy Blackwell and many more. It is also produced by SGT J, K-Major, DOE DOE, Buggy beats and others. We all know Erica banks from that one viral sensational song called “Buss It” and ever since then she has been releasing songs and hopping on features to keep building her name and creating a career for herself and now she has a new studio album.

The album in my opinion is okay, not all that much to say about it. It possesses generic lyrics compared to other rap music. The music was produced properly and I will rate the album a 6 out of 10. I feel like if she steps out and does something slightly different, she can really succeed in her career. I still recommend the album for you all to listen.

Safe Fun Summer- 1takejay

The last album we have on the list is going to be “Safe Fun Summer” by 1takejay. It was released on June 26, 2022. It consists of 11 tracks and was written by Jachin Jenkins Jr and Twonie Bo. The producers are not also provided on Spotify. 1takejay from my recollection made a song with Blueface, which was honestly surprisingly catchy. The song was one of my favourites for some time before it died down.

The album is just a regular trap album, nothing big to it. It is basically an album that was made from the combination of different songs, and not specially made for the album, like how other rappers record new songs to add on their album. I would rate the album a 6 out of 10 maybe even a 5.5 but the album is okay.

Well, that was the last album on the list but not the last album that was released by an underground rapper in June. That’s why I have started this new thing of showcasing albums released by underground rappers released each month, but if you are a podcast listener or you want more in-depth talk about a particular song or songs released by other artists/rappers you can go check out my podcast “LIFE WITH DUBISTHENAME” and hear me talk about a different type of song in each episode and also go follow me on Instagram @Dubisthename.Hope to see you all next month for brand new albums from an underground artist or Unappreciated rappers.

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