Rap Albums from Underground artists in May

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Monthly album rating and recommendations.

Nothing much can be said about May for the underground artists. Everyone knows about the release of Kendrick Lamar's album, five years after his last album and also the release of Jack Harlow’s album as well, but this blog is not about people like them, it's for the unappreciated artist who still go about their day to record music, day in and day out, also some having struggles planning to make sure it’s a success. Those are the type of artists that we are going to be talking about. Make sure to read last month’s selections Rap Albums from Underground artists in April”. The details and rating given to the album are within my own decision and my personal opinion (I want to make that clear to people who get offended by it).

Glass Full Of Emotions — Dubisthename

This may come as a surprise for most people here. Yes, I do make and release music. I have been doing that (un)professionally for about two to three years now. My first ever single was released on March 12, 2020. It was called “Dollar dollar billz”. Anyways my first ever album is called “Glass Full Of Emotions” by Dubisthename (me). The album was released on May 27th, 2022. The album consists of twelve tracks. It has one feature from Itsjust. ek. I wrote all tracks (obviously). The producers are KingEF, Coleyoumadethis and Dex. It took me approximately seven months to record the songs for the album. The recording process took a while because I had to mainly record on the weekends, obviously because I was going to school. Still, immediately after I finished the last song of the album, I set the release date for the album, one month later, to get prepared and do any extra stuff. My favourite song from the album, and the song I enjoyed recording has to be “ONE NIGHT”. This is so because everything was entirely a freestyle (well except the first two lines of the hook) I just recorded each line one after the other, no writing the lyrics down, none of that, and that is my first time making a song like that. Usually, I listen to the beat and write the lyrics to the song and go on to record it later.

The other songs in the album are good (in my opinion) well except one which is “NEW VIBES”. To be honest, when I made it (the lyrics) I had an expectation in my mind, but after the final recording, I did not get that same result. Probably my fault because I am the one that recorded it and did everything but still that song is not one of the “Best” I have made. So I will be honest and rate it a 6.5/10. It's not bad for a first album. I will still advise you guys to go have a listen to the album and tell me your favourite tracks and your least favourite track, so I can improve next time.

DIE BOUT IT — Lil Gnar

The next album we have on the list is going to be “DIE BOUT IT” by “Lil Gnar”. It was released on May 20th, 2022. It consists of 18 tracks with features from Tory Lanez, Yung Bans, Lil Keed, Yak Gotti, Trippie Redd, Germ, D.Savage, Lil Uzi Vert and many others. It was written by Caleb Sheppard, and Daystar Peterson and from the individual features. The producer tags are not fully provided on the Spotify page. This is the third studio album by Lil Gnar, after the release of FIRE HAZARD. I casually found out about Lil Gnar on youtube when he released his song “Brand New Booty”. Ever since then I have been keeping up with him, little by little. I liked the song he made with Lil Uzi Vert and I just found out about his latest album.

The album is a good project, really portrays the type of sound and vibe that gnar makes, with some alien-type beats and auto-tune vocals in most of the songs. I like the album and my favourite songs on the album will be “Diamond Choker” with Lil Uzi and “No switches” with Tory Lanez. I am recommending this album to you right now and you should go listen to it and tell me what you think or comment on the artist himself.

Rae Rae’s Son- Stunna 4 Vegas

The last but not the least album we have on the list is going to be “Rae Rae’s Son” by “Stunna 4 Vegas” which was released on May 20, 2022. It consists of Eleven songs on the album, with features from Icewear Vezzo, YRB Tezz and Spinabenz. It was written by Khalik Antonio Caldwell, Xabian Woods, Lamarcus Robertson and Dontez. It was also produced by XO, Hollo, d.a got that dope and NOISY. It is known that Stunna is one of the artists for famous hip-hop star Dababy and has previously featured in a lot of Dababy singles or songs on his albums. So I got more into Stunna's style with his previous albums and his hit song with Offset. That's how I heard about him and like Lil gnar, I was following his release little by little and now his latest album is featured on the blog.

I will rate the album a 7/10 because it is good as a trap rap album and I am not really a fan of that same genre, especially with artists like Stunna, when most of the lyrics on the album are always full-on drug-related or shooting-related (nothing wrong not just a fan). You could go listen to the album if that is your style, but it is not my everyday go-to listen album.

Well, that was the last album on the list but not the last album that was released by an underground rapper in May. That’s why I have started this new thing of showcasing albums released by underground rappers released each month, but if you are a podcast listener or you want more in-depth talk about a particular song or songs released by other artists/rappers you can go check out my podcast “LIFE WITH DUBISTHENAME” and hear me talk about a different type of song in each episode and also go follow me on Instagram @Dubisthename Hope to see you all next month for brand new albums from an underground artist or Unappreciated rappers.

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