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5 min readJun 10, 2021
Which one have you seen before?

Rap and every other genre have evolved since the ’90s because back in those days releasing a song to the whole world or to the radio would mean you have to get signed by a record label first, they are also the ones who help you book the studio session and control the music distributing, but now music distribution service companies are coming into existence which would help the independent and low budget artists right now going into music and I am here to give you the best free distribution service.

  1. Amuse Distribution

Some of you right now would have heard the name they place ads basically everywhere lol but they are an up-and-coming music distribution service and are also very well known for their mobile app that can be downloaded on Ios and Android.

They are a free music distribution service that distributes your music for absolutely free no one-time fee or yearly fee no percentage taken from your music but they also offer two paid tiers that offer more features(More stores, faster music delivery and more), they are called the “Boost Tier” and “Pro’s Tier”. Amuse have done a lot of fascinating stuff even if they are a brand new company, they have also signed some independent artist who uses their platform, I am also a proud user of Amuse and I came across them through their mobile app because when I was planning on releasing my first track I didn't really do the research, I just went into google play store searched for music distributor and then I saw Amuse and release my first song through them and am still releasing my song through them. They take your music to all the major streaming platforms which are “Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal and others” but no distribution to TikTok, Instagram and Facebook and no youtube content id would be placed on your song (if you want to have these features you would have to upgrade to their Boost tier or their Pro tier) but as a new music creator these platforms won't bother you right now but you would have to upgrade later in the future when you start earning enough royalty from your music.

They also host an event called “Amuse selected” on their Instagram( which you can submit a form for your new single or a song from your album and if you are accepted they would post a clip of your song and shout you out on their Instagram story and also Instagram post and they would also add your song to their Spotify playlist, so that is a good way to get audience and engagement on your song if you stick with Amuse.

I would not say that Amuse is better than others but they are good for what they offer.

2. ONErpm

This is one of the distributors that I love very much but can't use right now because I am currently using Amuse. They only have a website which you can access your dashboard and apparently, you can connect your Spotify analytics and Apple music analytics on their website if you connect both accounts to their website. They are the only service that takes a certain percent in your royalty, like your streaming and downloading royalty they take 15% and you get 85% of the royalty and in your youtube content id royalty they take 30% of the royalty and you get 70% and for the royalties for the video distribution they do, they get 50% and you get 50%. And not like Amuse(which amuse is currently working on right now) ONErpm offers a presale link for your future track and they also give you Smart links with links to various services which sounds nice because you wouldn't have to go to a different website to create your link and all that.

I almost transitioned over to ONErpm but I decided to stay loyal to Amuse and see what they release in the years to come but one thing I wish Amuse does that ONErpm offers is publishing rights and it is really painful that they don't still have an app for their software but except from all that ONErpm is a good idea for the new and independent artist because they work as a record label but you are still unsigned, independent and still own 100% of your recordings and music. So head over right now to ONErpm if you like what you have read and you can still find more information about them on their website.

3. RouteNote

Last but definitely not least RouteNote is the most underrated Distribution service even if they have an old-style looking website, RouteNote has the basic music distribution service that helps a new artist to understand and go through their website. They even offer Soundcloud monetization settings for those who are mainly into releasing music to Soundcloud(which you shouldn't be doing) and they are also like ONErpm they take a certain percentage of your royalty which is 15% but you can avoid that for a certain price. “RouteNote premium” has been on their website for the longest time.

Pricelist for each track

For certain tracks or singles, you can pay a one-time fee if you believe your song is going to go big and you absolutely want 100% of the royalty you just give them 10 dollars and they don't take any royalties from the single or Ep which makes sense and its kind of fair(not really). They don't have a lot of stores to deliver to but they make sure your music is on the major platforms that are necessary for your royalties and fans build-up and to be honest they are hands down the best but they just have some small issues which is their slow customer support service and some others I don't remember right now.

That is going to be all for now maybe later in the future I would do an update because the world keeps changing and new apps and software are being made for new artists and musicians, but make sure to follow my Instagram Dubisthename and keep up with me and follow the blog for future post and blog, that's all and I would see yall later.

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